Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to C.L.A.P.!

Originally founded in 2007 as a creative women's collective in Minneapolis, C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies Are Powerful) is being resurrected as a progressive print zine! Following the same aims as the original C.L.A.P., the zine aims to celebrate, support and inspire women in all their creative capacities, while making life fun.

Central to the zine is the idea that many women are creative, and that creativity is not limited to the "arts." As this is the case, C.L.A.P. will feature content about any number of topics, including, but not limited to: the arts (written, visual, performance, music, etc.), politics, environmental work, entrepreneurship, health, food and fashion.

While C.L.A.P. as a zine is still in its infancy, and pretty much "anything goes," here are some possible content ideas:

-features (longer pieces w/ interviews, q&a’s (however those differ from the plain “interview”)/personal essays on individual women, groups, businesses, etc.
-reviews (of books, music, art shows, etc.)
-creative ideas/exercises
-events of interest
-resources for creative women
-street fashion (of course)
-unique art (a piece in each zine and zine material)
-tips, "how to's," DIY materials
-quotes, stories, jokes

Of course, if you have any ideas of other kinds of content, please let me know!

Things are still up in the air in terms of how the zine will work financially. Eventually, I would like to be able to pay contributors, but in the meantime, any profits made from sales will mostly likely only cover printing costs. I would like to include advertising in the zine and on the blog as well, for lady-friendly businesses and groups. The zine will be available for sale through the Double Peace etsy site, as well as (hopefully) at some local businesses.

Sound interesting? Want to get involved? Email me at !
I am aiming for a preview issue to be available by April 23rd, so I am booking on this—if a deadline of April 20th seems to daunting (which is more than understandable!), there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in the future!

Also, check us out on Facebook and on twitter @CLAPzine!


Holly Hilgenberg