Ryn Gibson is a writer who also takes your complicated food order and remakes your lemon drop martini with a smile. It's usually in hopes of making her rent a buy a martini for herself with the tips you give her. 

 is an Uptown girl --not totally dissimilar to Christie Brinkley, but certainly sans an attraction to Billy Joel --who loves a great read and a good cup of coffee. Currently she writes and is applying to law school.


Christina Baldwin is the author of Life's Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice and Storycatcher, Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story.

Sara Blair is a project manager for a non-profit located in Minneapolis. She eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, takes karaoke quite seriously, loves old people, enjoys long walks and wants a dog really, really bad.

Erin Bogle--I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute some years back and am currently pursuing my masters to be a librarian for children. I spend a lot of time thinking about love, peace and happiness from within the context of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

Ashley Boman
cannot rollerskate, once made her Japanese language teacher cry, thinks mayonnaise is sick, and plays accordion with Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles. She also works on her original trade, photography, here:

Molly Butterfloss grew up in Saint Paul and loves Prince, Lula, James Herriot, Gram Parsons, Christopher Owens, Joan Didion, and many more. She currently lives in Chicago and is a designer at Pitchfork and you can find her online at

Deborah Carver is the editor and publisher of Twin Cities Runoff. She moved to Minneapolis in 2007, but her roots are in South Jersey.

Jocelyn Chase is an artist and arts worker currently located in NYC. When Jocelyn isn't hanging paintings to make a living, or making art to stay alive, she likes to travel and read, preferably by above ground train.

Christy is a Minneapolis inhabitant who flourishes in the mid afternoon. She enjoys movement of all kinds, writing as therapy, and communicating with small creatures such as cats and children. Christy is currently exploring teaching. 
 Carly Coughlin lives in the Longfellow neighborhood with her manfriend/lover, works in the womens' reproductive justice movement and is currently teaching herself to sew. She supports empowering women of all ages to show their inner most creativity and grow. She strongly believes being creative is not specific to one sector of art it comes from the heart. 

Courtney is a North Dakota native who fell in love with Minneapolis at an early age. She puts her liberal arts degree to use (she hopes) writing a blog called Courtney Coherent, a place for pop culture, personal anecdotes, and nostalgia.

Ruth DeFoster is a doctoral student in mass communication at the University of Minnesota. She lives in St. Paul with her husband, Matt, and her son, Calvin. 

Sally Deskins is a writer, artist, events curator and arts activist living in Omaha with her husband and two children. She keeps the blog Les Femmes Folles, featuring women in all forms of art, (photo by g thompson higgins)

Sydney Doran is currently being paid by the government (woo, unemployment!) to sit around and draw all day, though sometimes she can be seen wandering the streets of uptown. Currently working on a Minneapolis-based comic, which you can learn more about here: !


Dottie Dalle Ave, like a true Gemini, lives at least two lives at any one time.  She has a healthy collection of button-up shirts, a deviant mind, and a heart of gold.  Such a combination of class and crass led her to write and draw for Queer Etiquette.  She wishes you fair travels in the pursuit of love and fucking. 

Erin Duffey ( is a specialist copywriter at Target and lives in a quaint Cape Cod in St. Paul with her husband, 2 dogs and cat. She enjoys baking bread, cooking, gardening, thrifting, Ms. Marple Mysteries, knitting, sewing and crafting. She’s convinced she’s an 80-year-old trapped in a 30-year-old’s body. She can be contacted at

Terese Elhard makes exhibitions, blogs, barbed wire fences, teas, art shanties, haikus, books and book repairs. She is founder of Waiting for Boys to Call and a member of The Real Potters of Powderhorn Park.

Sheila Frankfurt is a water sign, though she identifies with the wind. Sheila is our advice columnist in residence and responds to our reader’s deepest, darkest problems with “Dear Sheila.” If you have a deep, dark problem you want some advice on, contact her at  
A Minneapolis native, Eriika Etshokin has recently received her Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, left her job in Diabetes Research, and moved to the West African country of Cameroon for the next two years with the United States Peace Corps. While serving she is reachable via email at or at her blog site,

Lucy Geach is not a mammal. She is a Class IV Womanammal.      

Sara Griffin is a first grade teacher in New York City. Teach For America brought her to the city in 2008 and she quickly fell in love with the city and its people. Sara studied Spanish Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and sang in vocal a cappella group called Redefined. She loves to ride her bike through Central Park, cook, and explore the unique neighborhoods of New York City. 

Katharine Hargreaves is a pony living the dream in Los Angeles. More of her writing can be found at or

Corrie Harrigan is an Aries with a Taurus moon and Virgo rising. She plays the drums, loves her dog, and refuses to write in pencil.


Holly Hilgenberg is the former editor and founder of C.L.A.P. As a freelance writer and artist, she has contributed to Twin Cities METRO MagazineBITCH Magazine, Minnesota Meetings and Events, The City Pages' "Dressing Room" blog, The Twin Cities Runoff, Public School Montessorian and The Ironing Board Collective. She currently works at Perpich Center for Arts Education in the Communications Department and is working on a new collection of fabric and painted art. 

Molly Hilgenberg lives in a house with Chad Hilgenberg and their dog Luna “dream feather” Mountain in the deep south Minneapolis. She escapes to the pines and mountains in her dreams, cooks with too much garlic, and plays the keyboard and sings in the band Heavy Deeds with Sara Bischoff and the gentlemen of the former Vampire Hands.

Karoline Hart found herself in Minnesota after accidentally applying early decision to a college she thought was in Michigan. Now she does energy efficiency installations in St. Paul homes and dreams of living on a houseboat.


Soleil Vy Ho writes at Heavy Table magazine and cooks at the Grand Cafe. In her spare time, she insults strangers via the internet.

Monica Howell is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, studying student participation in school administrative leadership. She lived in Japan for two years and hopes to resume her kyudo (Japanese archery) practice someday soon.

Jen Hughes is a hair stylist and educator for Juut Salonspa and Aveda Corp. She has been a major player in both the local and national fashion scenes as a photo and runway hairstylist for Juut, Aveda, l'etoile magazine, Voltage, Target, Macy's Glamorama, as well as numerous seasons backstage at NYC Fashion Week for a multitude of top designers. She is an active supporter of the local music scene and leads the popular DJ night, Hot Roxx. Jen regularly contributes a step-by-step hair do and a mix-tape track list to C.L.A.P.. 

Kat is a co-organizer of Grease Rag Ride & Wrench. She has been riding her bike for many years and is stoked to see more people riding through the winter.


Jaclyn lives in the Chicago area and baking is her life. She opened her new business Folded Apron Bakery online in September 2012 but has been mixing sugar and flour together for years. She also loves puppies, girls who know how to skateboard, documentaries about Amish people and nuns, jaunty capes and body positivity.

Laura Larson 
lives in a south-facing apartment on a hill in the Powderhorn neighborhood in Minneapolis. She is a food warrior, animal lover, and a really fast bike rider. She plays music in an all-girl punk band called Kitten Forever. (

Littlefoot has been a vocalist for the Italian bands Addamanera and Mariposa and was a part of Magazzeno Bis, a live radio talk show hosted by the independent record label La Famosa Etichetta Trovarobato. She composed and performed in the band Barbie Ferrari which released a self-titled EP in 2008, and was also in the band Wolf In A Spacesuit under the name Rainbow Britely. Currently she has one EP under the name Littlefoot called "Mermanity", sold at Yeti Records with the Soothing Almonds Collective independent record label.

Luis Lopez-Maldonado is currently a student at the University of California Riverside majoring in Creative Writing and Dance. He is single and living in Orange County.

Low is proud to be a co-organizer for Grease Rag Ride & Wrench, a local group for women and transgender cyclists. ( Low has been taking the lane and loving local bike shops in MSP for six years. 

Lisa Luck is an artist who co-owns the Minneapolis record store Yeti Records with her husband Jake. Check out her work at

Kristy Lynn creates luscious paintings + delicate drawings inspired by nature and dreams. She loves vintage clothing, organic coffee, her cat + classic films.

Adrienne Maiers is a local artist/educator/organizer working for the collective health and happiness of all beings. She believes that when women are empowered to listen to their intuition, they unleash the power of collective right action and shift consciousness towards prosperous, sustainable life for all. 

Yonic Arts Collective (which Adrienne is part of) is a group of multi-talented creative women from numerous artistic backgrounds.

Meagan Manning is a second year Ph.D. student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She also got her Master's degree from the illustrious home of the Golden Gophers. Her primary academic interests center on the relationships between media, race, history, and memory, but she also has been known to write on community and ethnic media, as well as old time radio dramas. In the summer months when her academic duties wane, she is active as a Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service and an integral part of the "Call Your Balls" park and rec kickball dynasty. 

Laci Marie likes punk rock, pomegranates, and drawing dirty pictures. You can find more of her stuff here:


Nikki Miller, of Minneapolis, MN wears the following hats: Volunteer Wrangler, MFA Student, Freelance Writer and Photographer, City Pages and
Bad. Nationwide. 

emily moore harris is a hairstylist-in-training in minneapolis. her interests are food, pets, running, music, and yarncraft.

S.O. Nelson is an attorney and musician. Although she is a lawyer, her column has been prepared for general information only and does not provide specific legal advice. Please contact her at She contributes business and legal ideas for creative women with a column on the subject.

 Lisa Nguyen lives in a little yellow house in south mpls where she collects too many books, fills dressers with vintage pyrex and goes through an excessive amount of vanilla extract because of a baking addiction. If you want to be an enabler to these whims, read her blog: email:

Amalia Nicholson is a filmmaker, photographer, fashion blogger and friendly person living in the lovely Whittier neighborhood. This summer she will be teaching a narrative filmmaking workshop to teenagers in North Minneapolis and hanging out at the beach. Visit and to view her work. 

Katherine Peterson is a financial professional, committed opinionator, and lover of the literary. She resides in South Minneapolis with Bitsy the chihuahua, Brown Cat and Sandwiches the cats, and her boy Johnny T.

Colleen Powers is originally from Rockford, Illinois, but has officially abandoned it for Northeast Minneapolis. She enjoys hip-hop shows, Netflix instant, and journaling.

Hosanna Rasmussen lives in Minneapolis, MN and works with aircraft and the avian species. When not working, she is usually traveling elsewhere and has slowly become a total travel junkie. Her passions include reading, canoeing and photography and all she needs in life is a strong cup of coffee and a wooded path.

Stephanie Ratanas often thinks about starting a blog, but since she hasn't you can reach her Stephanie lives in Northeast Minneapolis with her partner, Eric, sensitive and thoughtful border collie, Yirgy, and two guinea pigs, Oliver and Fatty (they're brothers.) Other than reading, writing and the usual junk, she enjoys knitting, pretending to be a graphic designer, and beer. She is also the green coffee buyer and roaster for Dogwood Coffee Company, so she likes coffee too. Someday, she hopes to move to the country with some sheep, a goat or two and 100 nice rescue dogs. Maybe 50...

My name is Natalia Rodas, and I am a student at South Dakota State University; my vagina has teeth.

Sara has bounced back & forth between different degrees of part-time and full-time jobs, undergrad education, travel, activism & general tomfoolery throughout her life. She has been known to write for The Wake, Twin Cities co-op newsletters, under pseudonym in subversive papers, and in her own personal moleskin. Her south minneapolis porch is possibly one of the better places in town to have long-winded conversations about love, sex, politics, poop, cats, and also serves the dual-purpose of being a stand-up location to write nondescript bios. For a good time, e-mail

Sarah Slathar is the Minnesota Vegan! Here’s her vegan eating and travel blog: She also interns for Midwest Vegan Radio:

Caitlin Skaalrud cartoons, prints, and prints cartoons on an old press in a cold garage - and loves all of it.

Stacian is Dania Luck. She is a one woman minimal-synth project via Milwaukee. Check out her jams here:

Alison Stolpa is an early silent film star whose career fell by the wayside after the advent of "the talkies." She currently resides in a decaying Tudor mansion on Sunset Boulevard where she spends her days racing ostriches, mourning her faded youth and working on a film adaptation of William Faulkner's "Absalom, Absalom" to be performed exclusively by house cats." 

A Minneapolis native currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Jackie is the lead singer for The Studs Lonigan Experience, a 6 piece funk band. She's a curious and creative globe-trotter who likes to make things out of recycled material collected from her travels. Jackie has 12 years of performance experience under her belt and wants to continue for decades to come. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in Amman, Jordan on January 29th 2013 and finds motherhood the most challenging/rewarding experiences of all time. 

Jake Thompson is a writer, stylist, performance (f)artist, rapper, and above all, wonder aficionado. He's the brains, brawn, and beauty behind popular fashion & lifestyle blog: Fashionasty. (

Jenny Tondera is a graphic designer & art director living in Philadelphia via Minneapolis/Detroit. When she is not working she is probably reading dad blogs & drinking tea & dreaming of swimming in the Swedish countryside.

Holly Trasti lives in Wisconsin where she teaches children, makes music, eats food, dances, and draws comics. You can find more Adventures In Sleeping at:


Mary K. Willms (aka momar) split her humble beginnings between Saint Paul and Scandia, MN. She spent several years of her 'adult' life as a pseudo-librarian and world traveler, living abroad in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico for a year. Having just finished her MA in teaching ESL, she satisfies her wanderlust and desire to be a vagabond by teaching English to international students in Iowa City. 

Laura Madeline Wiseman has a doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she teaches English and creative writing. She is the author of seven collections of poetry, including Sprung (San Francisco Bay Press, 2012) and Unclose the Door (Gold Quoin Press, 2012). She is also the editor of Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013).

Taylor Yocom is an art student at the University of Iowa. When she's not chasing a neighborhood cat trying to get it to love her, she's working on photography or zines.

Tara “Wild Womyn” Zachman contributed a joke from her grandmother for our preview issue. She is so busy finding herself that she forgot to send in a bio.

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