Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall 2011 Issue out NOW!

the Fall 2011 issue in pea green, burnt orange and mint green!

Very exciting things are happening at C.L.A.P. right now! Our third issue hit the ground running today, with a very special unveiling at the Twin Cities Zinefest!

the C.L.A.P. table

In addition to this issue sporting a simply amazing screen printed cover featuring the work of Lindsay Noble (in three different shades!), we have all the usual goodies in our fall issue: Dear Sheila, a recipe, a C.L.A.P. creative exercise, a comic by Lillithfairfan696969 (which features hiking boots and bare asses. Seriously) AND a new column by S.O. Nelson on starting your own business. Speaking of which, since it is "back to school" season, we took the opportunity to make the fall issue "job/career/work/life paths and choices" themed, so many of the articles revolve around those topics.

Over the next week, we will be distributing the new issue to several lady-friendly locations around town including Everyday People Clothing Exchange, Yeti Records, Grand Cafe, Boneshaker Books and Miller Upholstering. We will also be getting copies to the lovely ladies that run the Mighty Swell occasional vintage shop, which will be having their next sale October first (for more info on that, check out the event page here). I also have big plans to finally, finally, finally get the zine up for sale on the internet and you will all be the first to know when that happens. Now I leave you with some pictures from Zinefest (I was so tired I stupidly forgot to photograph actual people and their booths, which was a bummer because there were some great ones including the awesome feminist zine W O M A N H O U S E zine , The Flood, an amazing art zine, and She Must Be Having a Bad Day, a zine about ladies in the food service industry by the lovely Dana of Girl Germs, our favorite lady music podcast. Our friend Wendy was also camped next us selling her cooking zine, but I am a awful friend because I can't remember the name of it! But it was really cool! And she is going to do one with drink recipes next, which is much more up my alley), because I am going to take the advice of our C.L.A.P. P.S.A. and take a break!

the program

the new issue at Zinefest

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