Tuesday, June 28, 2011

C.L.A.P. Summer 2011 Issue out NOW!

After some amazing, highly efficient work by a group of wonderful ladies last Thursday, we were able to get the summer issue of C.L.A.P. out June 24th!

In addition to some of our great reoccurring features, we had articles contributed by women who helped with the preview issue as well as a new group of lovely ladies! Just check out all the amazing pieces we have in this edition of C.L.A.P.:
  • A MN women's rights report by Carly Coughlin
  • A tutorial on making solar jars by self-professed solar jar-obsessed Erin Duffey
  • Sheila Frankfurt in Dear Sheila tackles how to deal with depression onset by watching the news
  • Molly Harrington's song about destroying the patriarchy
  • S.O. Nelson's Business Women Magic column suggests mentorship for aspiring business women
  • A Love Letter or Loretta Lynn by Nikki Miller
  • Alison Stolpa takes a road trip to House on the Rock
  • One woman musical acts STACIAN and Littlefoot interview each other
  • Seemingly difficult food tricks made easy by Lisa Nguyen
  • Deborah Carver explores the parallels between her mother and Patti Smith
  • Jen Hughes uses Fleetwood Mac for inspiration in her hair do and mix tape columns
  • Info on the world of clipping coupons by Ryn Gibson
  • Thrifting Tips from Operation Sparkle (me)
  • Eriika Etshokin's essay on males' reaction to sexual assault against women
  • A veggie spring roll recipe by Sarah Slathar
  • Katherine Peterson discusses what it means to be creative in today's world
  • Lisa Luck's second installment of her Lilithfairfan696969 comic (this time influenced by VH1's "Single Ladies" show)
  • All the other C.L.A.P. extras: letter from the editor, a creative exercise, news, calendar and more!
Even better‚ each issue comes with a special C.L.A.P. postcard featuring work by Twin Cities female artists! We have two editions of the cards—one by the lovely fashion designer/artist Danielle Everine, the other by artist Suzanne Mahoney. Keep them for yourself or send them to a lady you think would like what we do!

Be sure to pick yours up at Yeti Records or Everyday People Clothing Exchange (currently at the Uptown location, with copies available at the St. Paul location tomorrow)! Stay tuned for more peeks at the new issue as well as C.L.A.P. news!

Monday, June 20, 2011

C.L.A.P. News + Summer Issue coming out soon! JUNE 24th!

I am so very excited that our summer issue is coming out this week, on June 24th! We have some great articles, ranging from topics such as body positivity, to the parallel lives between one writer's mother and Patti Smith, to a road trip to the best destination EVA, House on the Rock, and much, much more!

Just like ma.

Even if you weren't able to contribute to this issue, we would love to have you at our assembly party, this Thursday, on June 23rd, from 7-10 at Yeti Records! We will be putting together the new issue of the zine, working on fliers for upcoming C.L.A.P. events (!), and, of course, hanging out with awesome ladies while ingesting some excellent chow and beverages. For more event details and to RSVP, check out the Facebook invite!

Thanks to our new promoter, Sheila Frankfurt (of, among other things, "Dear Sheila" fame), we will also be at these upcoming shows featuring totally rad Twin Cities lady musicians! (Note: If you want to chat with Sheila about putting together some sort of C.L.A.P. event, show or promotion, hit her up at sheila.frankfurt@gmail.com!)

Thursday, June 30th you can see the Coathangers, Gospel Gossip, Kitten Forever and Cadette at the Triple Rock for an 18+ show that starts at 8! THEN on Saturday, July 2nd (whoa), come to the C.L.A.P.-sponsored the Chambermaids, Nice Purse and Night Moves show at the one and only Kitty Kat Club (which has a happy hour that may or may not have gotten me through grad school)!

We have so many more exciting things in store for the upcoming months, but in the meantime, check out this fabulous Girl Germs podcast featuring C.L.A.P. (including music from this issue's contributors Littlefoot, STACIAN and Cadette) AND amazing GLBT artists like JD Sampson and the Gossip. Stay tuned for a summer issue C.L.A.P. GIVEAWAY through Girl Germs this week!

Luv you JD!