While many of the contributors who make C.L.A.P. happen do so on an occasional (or even one time) basis, we have a handful of "columns" that make it in almost every time. We are also proud to announce the start of our blog columns, which are making their debuts this month! C.L.A.P. is always open to including new columnists, so if you have an idea and want to give it a permanent home in the zine or on the blog, email us at!

C.L.A.P. zine columns:

Dear Sheila (professional-ish advice from one smart womyn)—Sheila Frankfurt

Hot Roxx Mixtape—words by Jen Hughes, layout by Lisa Luck

Hairdo—words by Jen Hughes, layout by Lisa Luck

Vagina Speak (our women's health column)—Molly Harrington

Lillithfairfan696969 comic—Lisa Luck

C.L.A.P. blog columns:

More than a Woman by Shieve Salehnia
is music-oriented writing from a self-identified female perspective. It seeks to present woman as subject and object, artist and promoter, appreciator and creator. It’s also about sweet music made by and for sweet ladies.

Is random.

Transmission Lines by Karoline Hart
There's space for more creativity in our understanding of science, resources, and energy, and it's time we demystify the systems we use daily. Transmission lines will work to bring you science related topics relevant to your everyday life, on every scale imaginable. This means everything from describing where your energy resources come from to showing you what happens when you turn a faucet on. If you've got a topic you're curious about, the proverbial door's always open to suggestions!

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