Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring has Sprung! Assembly Party and New Issue!

Spring issue insides

As those of you in the Twin Cities area know, we have had a pretty unprecedented springtime so far in that spring sprung early with 70 degree temps even before the equinox! Totally unheard of! At any rate, that made putting together our newest issue all that more exciting and difficult. After all, when one is faced with a glorious, sunny 74 degree afternoon off  in mid-March, it is hard to sit in front of a computer, even if it does mean laying out the most fabulous artistic expressions by creative women, when the patio at the Rail Street is calling.

Still, in huge part due to our resident advice columnist, Sheila, and the friendly folks at Paradigm Course Resource, everything was finished on time for our wicked Spring 2012 assembly party!

Laura poses with some of our finished products (including the most fabulous calf/goose/hat issue that was deemed so amazing, it could not be sullied by the "C.L.A.P. " strip)

The warmth, and the springtime shower, of the evening was perfect as a great group of women put together our newest issue in the common area at Yeti Records (a huge thanks once again to Jake and Lisa Luck for all their support!). Another huge thanks to all those who participated: Stephanie Ratanas, Laura Kling, Sheila Frankfurt, Molly Harrington, Shieva Salehnia, Lisa Luck, Ryn Gibson, and our newest C.L.A.P.per, Elana Polichuk! Stay tuned for more details on our Spring issue, upcoming events (including the Is/Is album release on April 13th at the Turf Club also featuring regular C.L.A.P. contributor Molly's band Heavy Deeds!), our updated contributors listing and some great pieces from our Spring issue!

Cats are weird. And cool. Selections from Stephanie's collage materials as taken from an 80's Cat Fancy Magazine.

Also, for those wanting to get in on the next issue (out June 20th), the theme, as suggested by Elana, will be WIERD THINGS.