Saturday, April 23, 2011


And there is NOTHING quite like flying by the seat of your pants to get it all done! Tomorrow (well, today) is the T.A.C.I.T. Handmade Heartfelt fair, where the preview issue will be unveiled and I couldn't be more excited! There are still a few loose ends to tie up, but overall, things are moving along swimmingly and the zines are looking great! Stay posted for a bit more on our very successful assembly party at Yeti Records last night, as well as some sneak peaks at the content and a bit more about our contributors (look out for our special Contributors page, coming very soon!)!

In the meantime:


I learned a lot of things putting together this issue, but the one that sticks out of my mind the most is that in scrapbook speak, these are called "belly bands." Which sounds kind of gross to me. But they are gonna be super cuuuuuute, especially once I purchase some tape to adhere them tomorrow morning (as it turns out, glue sticks are not the best adhesive).


The official C.L.A.P. stamp. Handmade, because even though craft stores have rows upon rows of stamps of screaming bears, lily bunches and children playing joyfully,there are very few letter stamps, and even fewer good ones.


Just stamped zines. Some of the stamps worked better than others, but that is part of the DIY aesthetic, I suppose. Still, I can't believe how great they look! I am completely blown away by how awesome the collage covers look thanks to the ladies that attended our assembly night!

Can't wait to share more later! But for now, it is time for some serious shut eye (right after I go print off a tax form for tomorrow's fair. ick.).

Oh! And of course, if you are able, come stop by the Operation Sparkle/Fashionasty booth tomorrow at the fair. We will have great thrifted fashions AND C.L.A.P. for sale (and, if Jake actually gets to Kinkos at 3 am after a viewing of Scream 4, a zine that he has produced as well!) Goes from 11-6 at the VFW on Lyndale in MPLS. Hope to see you there!!!!!



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