Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Call for Winter 2011 submissions!

While it seems like just yesterday we were finishing up the Fall issue, we are getting an early jump on planning the Winter issue to give contributors (and us) a bit more breathing room this time around. 

Big new! Since we have had such a great response from our Fall issue (we are almost completely out!), we are increasing the run for our next issue which means...ALL CONTRIBUTORS WILL RECEIVE A FREE WINTER ISSUE! 

Contributions for the next issue must be received by December 1st. 

Our theme this time around will be "Our Bodies, Ourselves."
Possible topics that could be covered under this theme include:

Food and Drink
Reproductive Rights
The Mind/Body connection
Working with our hands
Body image

While it is encouraged to utilize this theme to inspire your
contribution, we aren't limiting pieces to the theme, so if you
have a different idea that you want to explore, go for it! Pieces
that are related to winter and health are especially encouraged
since it is such a difficult time for the majority of us here in

If you think you have something you'd want to contribute to this
issue, email us at!

ALSO: we will be offering advertising for lady-friendly/run
businesses, organizations and independent creative types in the
next issue at low rates. Advertising gets you space in the zine,
as well on our blog. SO...if you have an etsy shop, run a business
or organization or just want to get what you do out there in a more
formal way, let us know. More details about advertising can be found
 here, under "advertising." Note: we aren't trying to get all
corporate here at C.L.A.P. by offering advertising—it's merely a way
 to help cover the costs of printing, assembling and promoting what
we are doing. Plus, it is a good way to help support our own
independent, female-run, alternative economy.

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