Friday, November 4, 2011

C.L.A.P. Sponsors: Girl A Whirl!

Mark your calendars for the second Girl A Whirl THIS SATURDAY, November 5th! From 5 pm to 10 pm, Yeti Records will be rocking with the sounds of local lady bands Jaded Matron (Gibbous & Tabitha Sheets), IS/ISLittlefootCadette and Brute Heart! Hear dj sets by the fabulous (and regular C.L.A.P. contributor) Jen Hughes of Hot Roxx and Carol (Double Trouble)! AND....witness the unveiling of Yeti Record's new ZINE SECTION!!!!! It is going to be totally bodacious. 

 C.L.A.P. is sponsoring this sweet  FREE event, curated by the fabulous artist/record store owner/regular C.L.A.P. contributor Lisa Luck. Since she is the mastermind of this event (and really funny), I wanted to get the inside scoop on Girl A Whirl, how it came about and what attendees can expect. We were finally able to catch up and I got it! The scoop!

Q.How did Girl a Whirl come about?

A. Well Holly, let me tell you. The first Girl A Whirl came to be 

on Yeti Record's first Record Store Day. It just so happened, that
 my business partner (aka my husband) was out of town. I knew 
I wanted to do something with pizzaz. I also knew I love girl 
So tada! I put together "Girl A Whirl". A rad lady band

Q. When was the first one, what happened at it?

RSD, 2011. April 16th. 4 radical instores occured. Girl Germs DJed. 

We gave away some raffles.... and had a big ole 45' Sale. It was 

Q. What can we expect from this Girl A Whirl?

More Awesome, this year 5 radical lady bands. Also the unveiling of 

our new Zine Section.

4. What are you most excited about for Girl A Whirl?

I am excited to hear the bands! Something great about having a 

record store is getting to put together shows. I get to see 5 of my 
fave bands perform and host a party. I like hosting. In fact 
every time someone comes to the store, I feel like they are at my 
house and I want to offer them a martini. Also the Zines.
I mean come on. How great are Zines!

5. How do Girl a Whirl and C.L.A.P. fit together?

How do they not? Creative Ladies are powerful dudes and dudettes. 

Also some of the contributors to C.L.A.P. are involved musically. 
Jen Hughes is Djing and Steph Onasis Nelson plays in Cadette.
Cool right?

6. Tell me about Yeti’s new zine collection!

So many people have been bringing them in. It is so exciting! From 

cooking, to music interviews, fashion.. art .. humor. It's so great 
and it's so local.

For more info on Girl A Whirl, check out the event page here and 

stay tuned for a recap of all the radical happenings that took place! 

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