Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Solar Jar DIY

Maybe it is due to the days getting darker and colder, but as I have been grasping for warmth and light, I suddenly remembered—doh! We had a great DIY for solar jars, by Erin Duffey, this summer that we (well, more accurately, I) was supposed to post with pictures! DOH!

So, even if our backyards might no longer be places to hang out, follow Erin's instructions for some beautiful little lights that will brighten up the darkness!

Drying jars!

Mod Podge—a crafter's best friend!

Jar top + solar lid = almost there!

Brillance! No more dark days! 


  1. Awesome! Thank you for sharing--loved seeing the pics.

  2. Where do you find silver lids, I've only seen gold. How do you attach the wire?

  3. Hi LindiLee!

    From Erin (the creator of the DIY): Silver lids-I found at Home Depot
    Attaching wire-wrap/twist around jar lid area.

    Hope that helps!