Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter 2011 C.L.A.P. Out NOW (like a month ago)!

As many of you probably know from my recent email responses, things have been a bit nuts at C.L.A.P. headquarters—so much so that I am just now able to properly introduce our Winter 2011 issue! 

Sydney Doran's four ladies cover

Caitlin Skaalrud's cover

Jocelyn Chase's original artwork

This issue's cover features the drawings of three talented, lovely women: Jocelyn Chase (I am not this/that), Sydney Doran (four women) and Caitlin Skaalrud (single woman). 

As our theme for this issue was "Our Bodies, Ourselves," many of the articles revolved around topics related to our physical beings: living gluten-free, winter biking, discussions about diets, affordable at-home spa treatments, straddling the divide between American and Persian culture, and more. This issue was also the perfect time to debut our new women's health column, "Vagina Speak."We also have some of the usual suspects: Lillith Fair Fan 696969's column, Hot Roxx mix-tape listing and hair-do, Dear Sheila, and recipes. 

Vagina Speak! All about your moon cycle!

A page from Jen Hughes' grunge hair style tutorial

LilithFairFan 696969's comic + Dear Sheila

Join the "Cool Club" and powerful lady compliments

Want to get your hands on a copy? They are currently available at both Everyday People Clothing Exchange locations, Yeti Records and soon to be at Boneshaker books! Stay tuned for more locations as well! Not in the Twin Cities area? Have no fear—the C.L.A.P. Etsy account is here! To get your paws on a copy of the new issue, out of towners should check out our listing here

Contributors from this issue are encouraged to get in touch with us to pick up their free issue, if they haven't already! Stay tuned for info about contributing to our Spring 2012 issue as well! Deadline is March 1st, 2012, the theme? COMMUNITY! 

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