Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's time to get WEIRD!

Brilliant thoughts, ideas, musings from the evening
It's hard to believe we are chugging through May so fast, but since it has been so much fun, who am I to complain? And part of the fun? Getting cracking on our upcoming "Weird Things" summer issue! Our deadline is JUNE 1st and we have already received our first awesome piece, by past contributor Erin Duffey, who wrote about (weird) people you find on public transit. It rules and we can't wait to see what other gems start rolling in! A big THANK YOU to Erin for getting her piece in first—you will be getting some sort of prize. We don't have the prize yet, though, so if anyone has any suggestions for weird prizes, let us know.

Thanks to Low and Kat, two of the lovely ladies from the Grease Rag, C.L.A.P. hosted its first ever brainstorming session for the upcoming issue earlier this month. New and old faces alike showed up to throw around ideas and to hang. As promised, we are sharing some of these ideas for those who were unable to attend, and may be looking for some inspiration/starting points for their own submissions.

So...without further adieu:


Going to the suburbs
Depression era carnivals
Stalkers (next to this, I wrote "just trying to network?")
Weird sex positions
"Swingers, that's weird"
Touching someone else's anal beads
Kombucha (I totally lucked out and went home with part of Kat's scoby, to start the resurgence of my kombucha production. Thanks Kat!)
Nude bike ride
Herbalism (tinctures)
Booty Bounce
Misinformation in sex talks
Weird jobs we'd like to do/have done: sorting human remains, cruise line entertainer, parasite doctor
Support networks
DREAMS (wrote this in all caps, four beers in)
Hearing and tasting color
Letters and numbers having personalities

We also did an exercise where we went around and said weird things we have eaten, touched, done (or have wanted to eat, touch or do) for inspiration. Finally, although our women's health columnist was not able to attend this brainstorming event, she is looking for women to share stories of things they didn't want to tell their doctors (if you have one you'd like to share, email her at: molly.rose.harrington@gmail.com)

Spread the love: the kombucha grows

Feeling inspired?! Still in need of some guidance?! Just let us know—we want all of you to be part of our next issue! Our deadline is JUNE 1st, so just email us at creativeladiesarepowerful@gmail.com with any questions, ideas or submissions.  Remember, contributors get a free issue...if you have contributed to the Winter 2011 or Spring 2012 issues and have not yet received your complimentary copy, please contact us to remedy that situation. As a reminder, we are happy to mail issues to out of town contributors, but if you live in the Twin Cities area, we ask that you arrange a pick up of your free copy at Yeti Records—but please contact us before hand to give them a heads up!

We are also in the works of planning a midnight writing session as an incentive to get pieces done. While the timing of this can be flexible (take "midnight" as a general framework), we are in search of a space to do this at. If you would like to offer your home or other space for this event, or if you know of a space we should check out for it, please contact us as well!

Hope you are all enjoying this simply magnificent weather!



UPDATE: Had a flash of inspiration while doing the dishes! No time for a full submission? NO PROBLEM! Just answer this question (comments here are fine!): What weird thing(s) are you "into"?...we will share them in the summer issue! 


  1. I'm into touching things and being touched.. I honestly think it may stem from not being touched enough by my mother as a child. I like feeling weird textures and cannot resist fingers on my skin.

  2. Oh, I'm into the midnight writing party.

    Here's some weird things, I happen to be "into";
    elbows. dude's elbows, my only fetish. not weird?
    I used to eat a lot of microwaved m&ms.
    my parents' nothern Minnesotan accents include pronouncing things like this: cabeege, garbeege, sauseege, etc. and I'm into that.