Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excuse Me for Not Smiling. Wait. Excuse You!

We here at C.L.A.P. are proud to present the first of our many fabulous regular column postings—this one being from regular C.L.A.P. contributor Ryn Gibson. Ryn will be sharing her observations about the world in her blog column "RYNsights." We can't wait to see what Ryn, and our other columnists, have in store! If you have amazing stories/insights/opinions to share and are interested in contributing to the C.L.A.P. blog, either regularly or as a one time deal, just email us at! We'd love to have you!

 RYNsights: Excuse Me for Not Smiling. Wait. Excuse You!

If conditions are right (temperate sunny weather, lack of stress inducing moments during the day), I’ll give a nod and a half-smile to passerby on the street. Not a big deal, just a recognition that yes, I see you fellow human. Whenever I don’t perform this perfunctory greeting, usually a man is ready to command, “smile! Life can’t be that bad.” Your lovely little tip makes you seem presumptive, sir. Granted, I’m not rocking tragedy at the moment, but some of us are/have. Also, who cares if we aren’t? Smiling 24/7 is insincere and obviously painful.

I notice you don’t share your insight with the surrounding males. Not as eager to catch a grin from them I see. Well, stranger, your comment then makes me (and my other young female friends you direct your comments towards) think you are a creepy lil perv. This is not a stance against smiling at strangers, but a pledge. We don’t appreciate your veiled sexist remark and consequently won’t perform as expected. It’s not ‘a feminist thing’, it's humanism. Either tell the elderly man walking his cat to smile too or don’t say anything at all (because, really, what you’re saying isn’t nice. It’s rude.) 

- Ryn Gibson

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