Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer 2012 Issue "Weird Things" is out and about!

Simple, lovely stamped covers in three color options!

That's right! The newest issue of C.L.A.P.—our "Weird Things" issue—is now available! Laid out by the fabulous Titi Phan, the Summer 2012 issue features weird articles about topics like Paula Cole, open relationships (do's and don't's), expectations, feet, procrastination, being a storm chaser, and more! We also have some of our regular goodies including a couple creative exercises, a mix tape listing by Jen Hughes of Hot Roxx, a hair-do, Dear Sheila, a comic and more! 

Titi's fabulous table of contents

This issue is available for sale at both locations of Everyday People Clothing Exchange, and on our Double Peace Etsy site, with more locations to come! It will also be available at the upcoming Mighty Swell events (including their July 9th Appreciation Fundraiser pre-sale, and their July 14-15th sale-sale) and the July 16th Coathangers/Heavy Cream/Cadette show at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis! Want to carry copies of C.L.A.P. at your shop, business or organization? Just contact us at!
Paula as you have never seen her before

A simply "mad" hair style, by Jen Hughes, laid out by Lisa Luck

Wanted to contribute to this issue but just didn't have it in you to come up with something weird enough? Have no fear! Our Fall 2012 issue will be themed "Peace, Love and Happiness"! Submission deadline is Sept. 1st! Contact us at if you are interested.

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