Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fontlove Studio gets me organized

Goods from Fontlove Studio's Open House
Now that I no longer "work" weekends, I get to do things like go to brunch and take part in the many wonderful things that happen during this time, which is awesome. One thing I did this morning was accompany long-time C.L.A.P. supporters Lisa and Jake Luck (along with their little man, Ira), to check out Fontlove Studio's Open House.

Fontlove Studio, located at right 708 W. 26th St. behind Common Roots in Minneapolis, is the brainchild of Elana Wolowitz, self-professed "iron tamer and ink slinger" of the shop. Using traditional letterpress methods and new technology, Elana can provide you with customized work and also has a stockpile of sweet prints, coasters, calendars, cards and more available at her shop

Old To Do lists!
New, sexier To Do lists!
 I came away with some practical goods I am always in need of: To Do lists and Thank You cards. AND I also got to print my very own "to:/from:" card (see above, the tag that says "Type"), which was radical. Success!

Speaking of printing, if anyone out there has any suggestions for printing presses that do small runs of books, please let me know! I have a project cooking that is going to be OUTTA THIS WORLD!

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