Saturday, August 4, 2012

New look! New look!

Hello new friend!
Farewell old friend!
While I have a lot on my plate (including the upcoming August issue of our newsletter, which you won't miss by signing up here; several Q&A's to write and send to amazing women we will soon be featuring; a Winter issue to send out to our first out-of-country/continent purchaser (from AUSTRALIA! HOLLER!); AND a media kit and business cards that need finishing up), something that I've been wanting to do forever is redesign the C.L.A.P. blog. While I will always have a place in my heart for the original look that C.L.A.P. sprung from (and will continue to embrace the handmade!), it was time to clean things up and add more information on what we are about and have been doing!

In addition to making the blog more user-friendly, with a sleek (and easy to change, when we get the whim to do so) look, I've have added additional pages with lots of information for anyone interested in contributing to, advertising in, buying, selling, or planning events with C.L.A.P. I also added a F.A.Q under our 'About' page and included an 'Issues' page with a rundown of all the issues we have put out so far (six in total! can you believe it?!). Our 'Contributors' page is also updated, with our new Summer 2012 additions. If you are a contributor and would like your personal bio and/or pic updated on the 'contributors' page, send your updated info to

Don't forget! We are now accepting submissions for the upcoming Fall 2012 issue, themed "Peace, Love and Happiness." Deadline is September 1st, so contact us at if you would like to contribute!

With that, I am going to reward myself with a cookie for a day's work well done! And then I am going to watch the last half of the extended version of Return of the King! It is going to be AWESOME.

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