Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall 2012 "Peace, Love and Happiness" Issue Out NOW!!!!

The front (design by Lisa Luck)!

The back (design by Lisa Luck)!
Just in time for last Saturday's Twin Cities Zinefest, we published our Fall 2012 "Peace, Love and Happiness" issue!

In addition to the usual fare (mix tape listing, "Vagina Speak" women's health column, "Dear Sheila" advice column and a creative exercise), this issue features some awesome illustrations, poems, an article on being happy alone, interviews (including one with amazing tapestry artist Erin M. Riley, which we will be featuring on here on the blog as well) and more.

Jen Hughes' Mix Tape listing (featuring illustrations by Molly Butterfoss)

Jen Hughes' hair do (featuring layout by Lisa Luck)

Erin M. Riley interview (stay tuned for more!)
Once again, Titi Phan generously donated her time and talents to layout this issue, and it looks fabulous. The white cardstock cover features the original artwork of Lisa Luck on front and back. Readers can have their choice of three "inside" colors, suited to our theme: green (peace), red (love) and yellow (happiness). A huge thank you is in order, not just to our contributors and designers but to our advice columnist Sheila Frankfurt and Paradigm Copying for putting the final product all together!

For those outside of the Twin Cities (and Iowa City), you can purchase a copy through our Double Peace etsy site. We will also have the issue available at select vendors soon! If you can't wait, swing by our Fall issue release party and erotica writing workshop this Friday, Sept. 28th, to pick one up and to have a really, really good time.

Note: We try our best to always avoid typos but sometimes they slip through. It should be noted that the fabulous drawings that accompany Jen Hughes' mix tap listing are by Molly Butterfoss, not Molly Butterfloss, as the caption on the page suggests. You can also see her drawings in color in this C.L.A.P. blog post. To check out Molly's other work, check out her website. She rules.

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