Monday, September 17, 2012

It's almost Fall...

A sneak peek at Lisa Luck's original design for our Fall 2012 issue cover. Read more about it on Lisa's blog, Hello Lisa.
...and that means our "Peace, Love and Happiness" issue is almost out! In celebration, we are going to be putting up some other "sneak peeks" of what we have in store, including some beautiful illustrations by new C.L.A.P. contributor Molly Butterfloss and a look at our interview with the amazingly talented tapestry-ist Erin M. Riley.

C.L.A.P. contributor Ryn Gibson and I are also going to be featured on this week's Culture Queue on Radio K talking all about C.L.A.P.  and the upcoming issue. You can tune in at 6 pm this coming Sunday, or check it out later once they get it up on the archives. Through the process of doing the interview, I learned that Molly Harrington (now Hilgenberg)'s piece on going braless was a hit, that C.L.A.P. processes typically are connected to getting drunk and that I need to find myself a meaningful, well-paying job (don't we all?).

And THAT means that some of the totally awesome events we have been looking forward to for months are almost here. Events like...

Come check out the unveiling of our Fall issue, get your hands on a copy (hot off the press!) and check out tons of other sweet self-publishers. The event is FREE and takes place from 12-6 at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis this Saturday, September 22nd.

Poster by Lucy Voller

Our Fall Issue Release Party!  Friday, September 28th at Madame!

This one is gonna be a three parter, and it is going to be wild in the best way possible.

First up, from 8-9 p.m. Charge Your Meat: Erotic Beats Get those juices flowin' in an erotic writing workshop with Kat Hargreaves, artistic director for Whole Beast Rag, and Ryn Gibson, C.L.A.P. contributor. To RSVP to the writer workshop, or to find more details about it, check out the invite here.

Next we will have readings from local writers, including Sheila Frankfurt, Marissa Moore, Gregory Scott and Kat Hargreaves from 9-10 p.m. If you are interested in reading, please email!

Finally at 10 p.m.,  IT IS TIME TO PARTY with The BurglarsOn a Clear DayKitten Forever and DJ Fat Tyra. All the details can be found here. If you aren't familiar with Madame, and need the address, just email us at

If you really like to party and also really like to clean and/or help out with events, email us, because we are going to need volunteers to help out with the event, especially with the clean up afterwards. Because, you know, parties get messy and we don't want Mom to find out!

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