Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get in on this!: Woman-run publications from Zinefest

Where it all began...
September 22nd was the 7th Twin Cities Zinefest, the second of which C.L.A.P. has participated in, and it was, as expected, awesome. One of my favorite things about Zinefest, in addition to being able to talk to people about what we do at C.L.A.P., is connecting with other independent publishers, especially cool, creatively-minded women.

It's incredibly inspiring to see so many women putting out great publications in our area. Here are some of my personal favorites that accept submissions.


Wopozi: awesome art and writing, for FREE

You can pick up this new tabloid style publication put out by Oakley Tapola and Sarah Ann, for FREE at select locations around the Twin Cities. It is beautiful, in color, and all about art and arts-based writing. For more on Wopozi, check out their blog and facebook page.

W O M A N H O U S E 

W O M A N  H O U S E patch. Hells yes.

W O M A N  H O U S E  #5
From W O M A N  H O U S E press. Better than my undergrad intro to women's studies course.
W O M A N H O U S E is an feminist critique publishing house headed by Molly Davy. Check out their blog here, facebook page and their shop.

Whole Beast Rag

A snapshot of our neighbor, Whole Beast Rag,'s table at Zinefest

Between sharing a table at Zinefest and having her help out with our Fall Release party, I was lucky to spend some time with Whole Beast Rag's Katharine Hargreaves. She's awesome and from my home state, which is always a bonus. Katharine and Grace Littlefield are at the helm of the Whole Beast Rag. They are currently taking submissions for their next issue, TAMMY, "a parody, commentary, sublimation + examination of the contemporary woman’s magazine and problematic concepts surrounding the cult of womanhood. TAMMY explores our cultural fascination with the body’s ability to bleed while providing a subversive alternative to the (wo)manifestoes of our era." Deadline is November 1st.

 Check out their website, tumblr and facebook page for more info. They also have a whole bunch of "Bedroom Playlists" which are good for sexy times and make me wish that my friend Mary and I actually followed through on making our "Songs to F to" mix CD's back in college.

Postcard from Woodlock. Also has a poster-sized version, which is also amazing.

Let's face it, James and Donna's weird love triangle with Laura Palmer was a totes snooze fest, but this print is amazing. Also, not sure why there is a huge dark spot on my boob, just ignore that.

BONUS: I have to say that hands down, the table that I was most excited about was print artist Natalie Woodlock's. Not really in the realm of publications you can submit to, but totally, totally awesome. Someone who makes prints out of various scenes from Twin Peaks deserves an extra special shout out. You can check out Natalie's work at her etsy shop here.

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