Monday, May 27, 2013

Vagina Speak: Lion's Pose

Winter/Dark Issue 2012

If you are contemplating something, remember this

The universe will provide.

Here's a little story. A few years ago Chad wanted to find a huge painting of mountains with a lake and a tree. We had this sad blank wall space in our old apartment in Northeast Minneapolis, and he really thought it would tie the room together, so to speak...So months later, after hanging everything but this desired painting - including a stick found in the woods held up by two nails one night when we were hanging out with Dogboy, we gave up. Then one afternoon I came home to Chad and he was just hanging out in the living room, probably reading Two Towers or playing the banjo, and next to him was this four foot long landscape painting of mountains with a lake and a tree. He hadn't hung it yet.
I was just looking at this painting today, remembering our conversation. He was just strolling along the sidewalk with little 12 lb. Luna, and there was this huge painting piled to next week's garbage at a neighbors house a half mile down Summer Street (no joke, we lived between Spring and Summer Street that year).

The point is, that when you being to desire and envision something in your life... possibly a little less material-ish than wall space coverage, you begin to draw that eneergy in and it starts to find you. Call it positive thinking or setting an intention, but these little destinies begin to know your every move and prove your intuition really was working.

Here is a posture to try for activating your prana (energy) to help seek out your destinies.

Simahasana...Lion's Pose and Pranayama (Breath)
  1. kneel on the floor, and tuck your toes underneath you, if it's accessible.
  2. bring your palms to your thighs, sit up tall, and close your eyes
  3. take a few deep, rhythmic breaths in and out through your nose. breathe deep, expanding into your belly, ribcage and chest.
  4. when ready, inhales through your nose, squinch up your face tight as your inhale to the top, and take and active, open mouth exhale as you stick your tongue out long. keep exhaling, open your eyes and lift your gaze crosseyed toward your third eye center as you continue to completely exhale and empty out all of the air from your lungs.
  5. repreat the lion's breath. three times total is ideal.
Taking a lion's breath in various yoga postures other than in seated toe pose, or really anytime throughout the day to help you to release those quick building negative thoughts. It benefits your throat chakra (Vishuddha) and third eye chakra (Ajna), waking up the dreams who are just waiting to reach your deeper, more profound levels of consciousness. 

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