Friday, April 1, 2011

C.L.A.P. Memories

I'm so excited by all the fabulous feedback and energy I've been getting from ladies who want to be part of this project! Though I was a bit worried that the April 20th deadline for the preview issue would scare people off, so many wonderful women have said they can contribute to the zine by that date! VERY exciting!

Also very exciting—Operation Sparkle (the thrifting blog I run with my great friend Laurie Marman) and Fashionasty (the fabulous Jake Thompson's blog) will be selling the preview issue at the Handmade Heartfelt fair on April 23rd in Minneapolis! The event takes place at the VFW on Lyndale from 11-6, so hope to see you there (we will also be selling fabulous thrifted gems, so if your closet needs some spice, this is the place to be!)! Lisa Luck of Yeti Records has also been awesome enough to not only do a ton with the zine but to also offer to sell it at her shop! So look for the preview issue at Yeti starting April 23rd! Also, the new and improved facebook page for C.L.A.P. and brand new twitter account @CLAPzine are now up and running! Very exciting stuff.

In addition to chatting with fabulous ladies about this new adventure, I have been thinking about the C.L.A.P. of the past, and what about it was so great that it still, to this day, lingers with so many of us. While these pieces might not wholly sum up what made the original C.L.A.P. collective so special, I think they do embody some of that excited energy!


A piece of cardboard, way back from Spring of 2007 that I have been holding on to (and was actually propped up on our kitchen counter for, well, over two years now) that contains some of the initial plans of C.L.A.P. (you may notice, they mostly involve "fun" activities and dressing my dog up in various outfits).

Vision Board from Old Clap

My "vision board" we made during one special C.L.A.P. meeting. Even back then, we knew vision boards rocked. This one currently makes its home in my dank basement studio. It still touches a special place in my heart.

Here is to positive women energy!



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