Friday, April 8, 2011

Mojitos and More Things to Look Forward to!

Great things are happening at the haus of C.L.A.P.—preview issue planning is in full swing and we will soon have all the details regarding our first ever assembly get-together at Yeti Records on Thursday, April 21st!

Today was so beautiful, however, work could not take the whole day away, especially since my great friend (and future C.L.A.P. contributor) Jackie Katers was in town. To commemorate this special occasion (visitor + 60 degree temps), I had to celebrate with the most springy/summery thing I know—mojitos!

Now, it has come to my attention that my summer drink of choice has gained a lot of popularity since I first started squandering my money on limes and fresh mint back in Brooklyn six years ago. This sort of surge in popularity has both its positives and negatives—on one hand, mojitos are more readily available at fine dining establishments. On the other, we have been assaulted by a whole slew of faux mojito products, in the form of powders and liqueurs that sully the name of the most fabulous adult cocktail known to (wo)man.


So...if you are into these


instead of this (Chris' mom gave this to us. I was able to use the muddler than came with it, but can not figure out how (or why) someone could sell this powder for TEN DOLLARS while still instructing the drinker to add limes, fresh mint and (if you feel like it), raw sugar (otherwise known as the major ingredients of a mojito).)—I present you with a C.L.A.P. web exclusive recipe, Holly's Mojitos!

It's simple: first pick up these ingredients at your local shoppe (for maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness, get a mint plant at the farmers market asap—fresh mint off the stem will beat the $3 packaged kind any day):

Fresh mint
Raw sugar (the granular, brown looking kind)
Soda water (I recommend Jarritos, but any sparkling water or club soda will do)
Rum (the clear kind, not brown (though, I admit, I haven't tried it with dark rum, so if you are adventurous, by all means, go for it))
STRAWS! (don't forget the straws!)

To make your fabulous drink:
1. Add sugar (be as liberal or conservative as you feel necessary, though I usually do about a tablespoon), 2 slices of lime, about 4-5 mint leaves and 1 and a half shots of rum to a nice, shiny, clean glass (I always feel fancier drinking out of clean, shiny glassware). "Muddle" the contents using a muddler or, if you aren't privy to a muddler, a wooden spoon or some other blunt-ish object. Make sure the leaves and lime pulp are good and mashed with the sugar and booze.

2. Add ice cubes (as Chris says, "they make the drink") and enough sparkling water to fill the glass. Stir and enjoy with your straw!

See, wasn't that easy (and million times better than a mojito mix?)?

Happy springtime C.L.A.P.pers!



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