Thursday, April 28, 2011

Preview Issue Materials: Amalia Nicholson's Charge for Female Filmmakers!

One of the lessons that has come out of doing the preview issue has been figuring out how to ensure proper printing—especially when we need to rely so heavily on the crappy free printer I got when I purchased my computer five years ago. It was super disappointing to see articles that women laid out themselves not translating well in the printing process, as was the case with Amalia Nicholson's piece encouraging women to pick up the camera. While we were able to get the words to come through, it still bums me out that Amalia's adorable little line drawings were too light to see in our printed publication. Not all is lost, however, as we have this magical thing called the internet!

So, as promised, here it is, in all it's glory, Amalia Nicholson's "Why All Women Should be Filmmakers"!



  1. private photo cannot be viewwwwwed.

  2. Changed the permissions! Hopefully it will work now! Sorry about that!