Thursday, April 28, 2011

Preview Issue Materials: Lisa Nguyen's DIY Project

As promised, here is the full tutorial of Lisa Nguyen's Framed Lace Earring Holder. Lisa was awesome enough to take the reigns and lay out this piece by herself, but as we were tight on space for the preview issue, I asked her to shrink it down for publication. What she had laid out was so nice, however, that we have to share it somehow!

If you are a bit more crafty than me (I lack the patience) and have a fun DIY project you would like to share with C.L.A.P., email ! We are always looking for interesting activities to share with readers!


Lisa - DIY - Page1

Lisa - DIY - Page2

Lisa - DIY - Page3

Lisa - DIY - Page4

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  1. wow, this is awesome! make me want to get crafty!