Thursday, April 12, 2012

In our own words...C.L.A.P. media round-up

We have been very grateful here at C.L.A.P. for the great exposure we have been getting through some of our favorite independent, local media outlets. In the past month, C.L.A.P. has been featured twice on KFAI, our Twin Cities community radio station. First, Sheila Frankfurt, of "Dear Sheila" and I sat in on a portion of "Minnesota Sound," to discuss the zine, our favorite local bands and the upcoming Is/Is album release we will be at (this Friday! for more details on the sweet show, which also features Heavy Deeds, Zoo Animal, Acid Baby Jesus and Fire in the Northern Firs, check it out here). We were also able to play some of our favorite lady-and-lady-ally bands including C.L.A.P. contributor Littlefoot, the Burglars (which includes contributor Shieva Salehnia), C.L.A.P. supporters Cadette, Robust Worlds, Leisure Birds, the Cactus Blossoms, and of course, Is/Is. To hear us a few drinks in discussing all this fabulous stuff (thank you Acadia happy really greased the wheels on this one), check out the audio here, under "Minnesota Sound".

Second, I was joined by regular C.L.A.P. contributor, Molly Harrington, to discuss C.L.A.P. for a segment about the Legacy Project. Phil Khalar, who I work with and who has been a supporter of the zine from the start (his girlfriend, Ryn Gibson, has also been a huge supporter and contributor of C.L.A.P.) was the brainchild behind this piece and did some excellent editing to create the final product. You can hear the whole piece here:.

Finally, we were recently contacted by Juleana Enright about being featured on her first underground culture column for L'etoile's newly launched blog/website. I met up with her at Cafetto last week and we had a nice chat, despite both of us being rather out of it (myself in particular). I personally think that her piece on C.L.A.P. (cheekily titled, "We've Got the C.L.A.P.!") is very well written and entertaining—clearly Enright is a talented creative lady that we want to support and promote—so I highly recommend checking it out here!

It has been great being part of these local media sources—not only to get the word out about what we are doing, but also to take place in the conversation happening in our community. If anyone would like to feature C.L.A.P. in an article, podcast, radio story or blog, please contact us at creativeladiesarepowerful at gmail dot com . We'd love to talk!

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