Friday, April 13, 2012

Come get the C.L.A.P. at Is/Is's album release TONIGHT!

Sweet local lady band Is/Is is releasing their first full length album, III, tonight at the Turf Club and we are going to be there!

 Come stop by the C.L.A.P. table to pick up the Spring issue (we will also have back issues on hand as well) or just to say hi! Stay for the jams: they are going to be excellent! As an extra bonus you get a free PBR tall boy when you purchase the new album. Now THAT's a win-win!

 The line up is as such: 9:30 - Fire in the Northern Firs 10:30 - Acid Baby Jesus 11:15 - Zoo Animal 12:00 - Is/Is 1:00 - Heavy Deeds (featuring C.L.A.P. contributor Molly Harrington!)

 Tonight, all will be right in the world. COME! More details here.

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