Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring 2012 C.L.A.P. is out and about!

SO damn sexy!

We have some great offerings in our most recent issue of C.L.A.P.! In addition to the usual goodies (Dear Sheila, C.L.A.P. Creative Exercise, comic by Lillith Fair Fan 6969696, Vagina Speak and more), we have some community-centric pieces for our "community" themed issue including articles by past C.L.A.P. contributors Shieva Salehnia, Stephanie Ratanas and Ryn Gibson. Sweet new offerings including a pieces on what Sara Blair learned from RuPaul's Drag Race, Terese Elhard's no-nonsense blog "Waiting for Boys to Call," and more!

We also have to make a MAJOR announcement in that one of our returning contributors, Christy Hicks, was incorrectly identified as "Christy Hunt" in the publication. Our apologies for any confusion that may have caused! 

If you are interested in picking up a new issue of C.L.A.P., you can do so in the Twin Cities area at any of the following locations: Yeti Records, Everyday People Clothing Exchange, Miller Upholstering and Boneshaker Books. For our friends outside of the Twin Cities, C.L.A.P. is available on our Double Peace Etsy site. We just sent out some copies to the very rad White Rabbit in Iowa City today as well, so if you reside there, look for them coming soon!

In other news, it is gorgeous out. And summer is coming. Which means our summer issue is coming soon! We are aiming for a summer equinox publication date, so that gives us a deadline of JUNE 1st! Our theme will be "weird things," which you can interpret however you'd like. So far there has been talk about kinky erotica, and discussions about our favorite Northern Sun bumper stickers and Robert Plant as a pre-teen fashion influence. In other words, you should take it and run with it.

In need of some inspiration? Low and Kat of the Grease Rag have been gracious enough to offer up their home the evening of May 10th for a Summer Issue Brainstorming session. If you want to chat about your ideas, or just hang out with sweet women, you should totally come. More details on the event here.

If you can't make it to the Brainstorming session, stay tuned for details on our Midnight Writing Session, which will take place sometime closer to the deadline in order to give contributors that extra kick in the pants to get their pieces finished!




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